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All Nelson Performance tunes will consist of the following changes depending on modifications to your vehicle, the grade of fuel you run and your driving style. All tunes are customized for each vehicle. We do not offer any can tuning or handheld programmers.
For those needing a handheld device we offer the Edge Insight and Superchips Flashpaq.  This device allows us to transport our custom tunes across the US.  More info here.

We optimize the air/fuel ratio to make more power; naturally aspirated engines are set at  12.8 a/f ratio for wide open throttle. Forced induction engines run at about 11.5 a/f under pressure/boost/wide open throttle. GM sets the a/f ratio very rich to allow the end user to run 87 octane and load the vehicle with weight exceeding the manufacturers load rating.

We increase timing throughout the RPM range which increases throttle response based on your modifications and the grade of fuel you are running. The higher octane you run the more timing we are able to add, which  increases torque and horsepower. GM must run conservative tables to ensure every vehicle can operate properly on 87 octane.

We modify the GM driving shift patterns to make the truck feel more responsive.  This allows the transmission to be in the correct gear at the right time.

We can remove all or a percentage of your vehicles Torque Management. Torque management is defined by GM as; the ability to lower torque output to the wheels. This means that when you want the full potential of your truck to lay down the power, GM pulls timing and adjusts the throttle body to reduce power. The effects of TM are hesitations between shifts, a short pause off the line, and reduced power when the pedal is pushed to the floor.

We can also remove the speed limiter, adjust for tire size and gear ratio, and remove any emissions devices not being used (ex: rear O2’s, catalytic converters, egr, etc.).  Call for pricing.

All ECM’s are locked upon completion of the tune to prevent third parties from corrupting the file. Computers can be unlocked at any time; However, the ECM will be flashed with The OEM calibration.

Custom tuning cannot fix any mechanical issues, such as transmission shifting issues, misfires, ect,  or issues with critical sensors, front o2 sensors, maf, ect. If you have any questions about an issue you are not sure about please give us a call before you order your custom tune. This way we are able to let you know if it is something we can address in the tune or if it is an issue you will need to address before the tune is purchased.

Effective immediately, we are charging a $55 core charge for all 99-06 style pcm’s and $200 for all 08+ ecm’s and tcm’s.
If the core is returned within the due date you will be refunded 100% of the core charge.

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