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NP RTD Information Page

Nelson Performance is now distributing custom tunes with HPTuners RTD!

If you would like to send in your pcm for custom tuning, 
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Ready to Purchase an RTD with a Custom NP Tune?

Nelson Performance is now a distributor for HPTuners Remote Tuning Device, RTD.

This device is manufactured by HPTuners and is available with custom tuning from Nelson Performance, NP.

The RTD allows NP to distribute our custom tunes to anyone with ease.
New tunes and updates are available over email.  After the vehicle has been tuned, the customer has access to HPTuners VCM Scanner with full functionality.

What is RTD?

It is a device like HPTuners MPVi2.  It gives the customer the potential to load custom tunes from Nelson Performance.  New tunes and retunes are delivered thru email and are typically processed the same or next day!  The RTD isn’t limited, locked to one vehicle, it allows the customer to tune an unlimited number of vehicles supported by HPTuners; with the purchase of credits and a new tune.

How does it work?

Once the RTD and tune has been purchased,
the RTD is connected to the vehicle’s DLC and the customer reads the vehicle’s engine and transmission modules (if applicable).  Once the module(s) are read and emailed to and the custom tune form has been submitted, NP will supply the customer’s tune via email.  The customer will then follow the process and instructions and load the NP custom tune.  The customer can then download HPTuners VCM Scanner, with full functionality, and email scans to NP for fine tuning.  Retunes are free until the vehicle is fine tuned.

What is included with the NP RTD ?

The NP Customer Tune,  RTD and fine tuning (for Levels 1-3) are included in the NP RTD solution.
NP will provide a custom tune optimized for the customer’s vehicle.  Once the vehicle is tuned the customer will send over scanned data and NP will fine tune the vehicle.

How much is the NP RTD?

The NP RTD solution starts at $544 for most vehicles with no modifications. 
See website for more tuning options and tune Levels.

Why NP and RTD?

NP RTD is for the customer who doesn’t want to learn how to tune.  That is left up to NP.  Custom tuning and fine tuning are provided and supported by NP.  The only requirement from the customer is to flash the NP Custom Tune and send data logs; the customer has full functionality of HPTuners VCM Scanner.
Also included with the purchase is professional diagnoses!
Nelson Performance employees GM Master Certified Technicians who can assist in diagnosing the customer’s vehicle.  When any modifications are installed issues can happen and we will be here to assist.
This service included, is also useful for those hard to tune vehicles.
Note:  NP cannot diagnose vehicles with major issues over the phone or email.  This type of troubleshooting not only requires hands on and live diagnosing but also time and money.  We will offer this service for an additional fee.

What if I modify my vehicle?

NP offers lifetime retunes as long as the customer owns the vehicle.  Retunes are $50 for changes done to the vehicle.  Fine tuning after the purchase of the NP RTD does not incur a charge.  Once the vehicle is fully tuned all retunes will be charged.  Visit our website for submitting a retune form and charges.