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Attention:  Relays are on back order.  We expect them to be in next week.  
If you have ordered an efan harness it will be shipped as soon as relays are in stock.

Our e-fan conversion harness works with all 1999-2006 trucks and suv.  It allows the removal of the clutch fan. The harness is plug-n-play for the LS1/LT1 style Camaro e-fans or the 2005+ OEM truck e-fans.
Harnesses are made with high-quality TXL rated wire and all terminals are OEM crimped and/or soldered to avoid corrosion and contact problems. Each harness is covered in wire loom and made with OEM weather-pack connectors.  The relays are rated at 40amps and are sealed and water tight; this means no corrosion on the terminals.