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Our e-fan conversion harness works with all 1999-2006 trucks and suv.  It allows the removal of the clutch fan. The harness is plug-n-play for the LS1/LT1 style Camaro e-fans or the 2005+ OEM truck e-fans.
Harnesses are made with high-quality TXL rated wire and all terminals are OEM crimped and/or soldered to avoid corrosion and contact problems. Each harness is covered in wire loom and made with OEM weather-pack connectors.  The relays are rated at 40amps and are sealed and water tight; this means no corrosion on the terminals.

Step 1.
     Choose which e-fans you are installing.  '05+ OEM truck efans
     Or, Camaro style e-fans
Step 2
     Simply pick the year of your vehiucle.