E-fan Harness for 2003+ GMT800 Truck/SUV


Remove the stock mechanical clutch fan assembly and replace it with an electric fan assembly.

This conversion frees up horsepower and cooler engine and ac temps!.

The in-cab addition allows the driver to activate the LOW speed e-fan operation from inside the cab.
The addition simply consists of an additional wire that is ran into the truck cab.
The wire is then passed through a toggle switch that is grounded.
Just like the pcm LOW speed activation, the wire is ground activated which triggers the relays for LOW speed operation.
This is useful when the engine is not running and the driver wants to cool the engine.

Need an additional relay? Add it here.
These relays are continuous 40amp hd relays.
The e-fan harness connector is sealed with an o-ring and provides the best protection from under hood contaminants.
Add an additional relay!

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This e-fan harness is for the GMT800 1/2 ton GM truck/suv electric fan assembly.
– Note: GMT800 simply means 1999-2006/7 GM truck/suv vehicles.
– Note GMT900 simply means 2008+ and newer GM truck/suv vehicles.

This e-fan harness is for GM truck/suv that have a mechanical clutch fan and are wanting to convert to an ’05+ e-fan assembly using the wider 34″ radiator.
The majority of GMT800 vehicles had the narrower 28″ wide radiator.  This harness is for the GM 1/2 ton trucks that are equipped with the wider 34″ radiator.

Some 1/2 ton trucks are equipped with the wider 34″ radiator but still have the factory mechanical clutch fan, so there is no need to change the radiator.
In order to use this harness your vehicle must be equipped with the wider 34″ radiator or you must purchase the wide 34″ radiator from your local auto parts store.

To determine if you have selected the correct harness, take some time to view the pictures and identify the e-fan connector type that matches your e-fan assembly.


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